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successful in school and lives


Response Journal #1

Children’s literature is never separable from our childhood.

Literally, children’s literature is the general term for books or readings that are appropriate for children to read, such as fairy tales, fables, poems, novel, and fiction. Among these children literature, they all share some characteristics. First, children literatures have plenty of pictures and they are illustrated. Second, the wording in children literature is easy and simple, so that children can have better understanding

The benefits of children’s literature are countless. It does not only help cognitive skills development, so that children can be successful in school and lives, but it also helps them to develop the sense of global and social justice and cultural differences.


Directly addresses the required question(s)/topic(s)

Utilizes required/suggested sources (directly or indirectly) in a manner that contributes to the overall argument

APA Writing Style; Clarity, Organization, Coherence; Grammar and Language Conventions


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