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Take Fresh Look

1. Designers Take Fresh Look At Africa, Oliver, Simone S,

Oliver, Simone S. “Designers Take Fresh Look at Africa.” New York Times (1923-Current file) Dec 08 2011: 1. 2015 .

2. Forever in Fashion ; FOCUS ON YVES SAINT LAURENT: [FINAL Edition]

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3. The genius of Yves Saint Laurent

Rawsthorn, Alice. “The Genius of Yves Saint Laurent.” Harper’s Bazaar 03 2002: 266-8.

4. Yves Saint Laurent,


TNS University Center Library ; Main Collection ; TT505.S255 B47 1997


· The introduction of YSL

· The Africa look of YSL

· The introduction of orientalism

· The marketing about YSL back to 1967

· The effect of Africa look


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