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Template for Writing Portfolio

Template for Writing Portfolio: Article Analysis

Abstract. The abstract should be single-spaced, italicized and indented. Briefly motivate why you chose the article/issue—what makes it important and challenging. Sketch the most basic facts. Summarize the key conclusions of your analysis.

I. Facts

This section should introduce the reader to the essential facts presented by your article. “Essential” means only those facts needed to make sense of the issues that you find important and worth analyzing.

Aim for about two paragraphs that are not too long. Please be disciplined about asking yourself: “What is the topic sentence of this paragraph?” “What does this paragraph seek to accomplish?” Often students write paragraphs that are too long. Chopping them down and identifying the topic sentence and then adjusting the paragraph accordingly makes for clearer and more compelling writing.

II. Issues

· What are the key issues raised by the facts as you see them?

· This section should include a few questions that capture the whole of the issue driving you to analyze this article. Bullet points is fine.

III. Analysis

This section is the heart of the assignment. You may want to analyze one question at a time, or address them together in the course of several paragraphs. Remember that the goal is for two to three pages maximum. I am really interested in seeing how you wrestle with the themes we’ve discussed in class in the context of the article you selected. The whole point of this assignment is making sure you all integrate the learning from the class so you can apply it to the real issues that are in the newspapers everyday.


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