texts thomas Sowell knowledg

Using the texts thomas Sowell knowledge and decision making chpt 6 and Robert Sternberg why smart people can be so stupid chpts 9-10 there are two parts to this paper:

1.Guiding Questions – Create your own set of five personal guiding questions for each of the Sternberg chapters (Nine, Ten, and Eleven) and five personal guiding question from Sowell Chapter Six. (When finished, you will have a total of twenty questions.) This exercise is an opportunity for application: These questions should draw your attention to those issues most important in your personal decision-making context.
Example – Where do I currently fit along the spectrum know as the Five-Factor-model of personality, and how does this affect the decision I am about to make? 2 pages

2.Key Quotes – From each chapter in this unit (Sternberg Nine, Ten, Eleven, and Sowell Six), select three statements you consider key points in the study of decision making. (When finished, you will have a total of twelve statements.) Quote each statement, citing correctly, and explain why you made each choice.
2 pages