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that development

( Answer the text below in no more than 2 or 3 paragraphs ) two if possible

Please be detailed,

Due Thursday 4-23-15 No Plagiarism

“War and Peace” Please respond to the following:

· Based on the Webtext materials and article below, address the following:

Discuss the in which an armed conflict can affect a developing economy and analyze the reasons why developed nations do not experience the same kinds of social upheaval.


The World’s Resources

Development, War and Peace

By Lloyd J. Dumas, STRW

August 2006


Development and peace have been two of the major concerns of national and international

political economy for more than fifty years. Yet there is considerable disagreement as to the

nature of the relationship between these two economic and political phenomena.

Some (such as the “liberals/neoliberals”) argue that development encourages peace. People in

better economic condition are less likely to initiate violent conflict both because they are more

content and because they have more to lose from the physical danger and economic disruption

that war brings. Others say that development discourages peace, either because the continued

development of some depends on their forceful suppression or control of others (as the

“dependency” theorists argue) or because development increases the capacity to build and

mobilize military power (as the “neo-realists” argue). Still others (such as the old-line “realists”)

argue that development and peace have no significant connection to each other.

In order to better understand the power and limits of the relationship between development

and peace — and in particular to explore whether development and peace naturally do, or can

be made to, reinforce each other ― it is useful to begin by setting the terms of reference. What

do we mean by “development”? What do we mean by “peace”? What do we mean by

“militarization”? And what do we mean by “war”?


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