The application packet assignment contains three main sections: 1. Job description and analysis 2. Cover letter 3. Resume

The application packet assignment contains three main sections:

1.      Job description and analysis

2.      Cover letter

3.      Resume


Job description and analysis, 300 words


Find a job/application description for a specific job, internship, graduate school, and/or professional organization. Include a link to this description when you turn in your assignment. Once you find the job description/application instructions, write an analysis of the job description that details


1.      the materials they are requesting to be included in the application

2.      the qualities they are looking for in their ideal applicant


Application/Cover Letter, 350 words


Write a cover letter for your application packet in which you introduce yourself as an ideal candidate, address any shortcomings in your resume, and provide specific examples from previous work/school experience that illustrate any primary and secondary skills listed on your resume.


Resume, 1-2 pages


Craft a clear, concise resume demonstrating your skills and qualifications for this position.