the deadline on the Blackboard calendar

Create this trial midterm as a 4-page Word document, trial midterm, and send it as a Word attachment in Blackboard Learn by the deadline on the Blackboard calendar. It should take at least two to three hours to produce this trial midterm properly. Do not waste time creating letterheads. You will lose credit if you do.

1. You are the administrative assistant to Dr. Elaine Lisinsky, who is a professor in the Music Department at Pembroke Community College, 900 College Park Drive, Pembroke, Delaware 19716. Dr. Lisinsky has asked you to do some research about the new honor society for two-year college music students, and you have located the information. The name of the organization is Phi Kappa Lambda, and the national adviser is Professor Charles W. Hughes. Using today’s date, write a letter for Dr. Lisinsky’s signature to Professor Hughes (who is at the address used in the Passport Music writing assignment) and inquire about this honor society and how Pembroke Community College might obtain a local chapter to recognize several outstanding music students and at the same time provide an incentive for the other music students to strive for excellence. Specifically, she wants to know about admissions requirements, background of the organization, programs that are eligible, and membership fees. Since your preliminary research revealed that there is a $150 charter fee and next year’s budget is due by December 15, it is essential that you receive this information by the end of November so that Professor Lisinsky can share her budgetary requests with the Faculty/Student Association’s Budget Committee if she decides to pursue the charter. Professor Lisinsky’s direct phone line is 302-698-3500, Ext. 491, and her e-mail is [email protected]Do not waste time creating letterheads. Pose the questions as enumerated items.

2. Having received a charter for a local Phi Kappa Lambda chapter, Dr. Lisinsky wishes to cater a luncheon to honor the new members of the honor society. The luncheon will be held in Mary Donlon Hall on the last Friday afternoon in February (look up the exact date) from 1 to 3 p.m. This space has kitchen facilities, including a commercial stove and microwave, but no serving utensils, plates, or cutlery are available. Professor Lisinsky has asked you write a letter for her signature, contacting Embassy Catering, 21 West Oak Drive, Newark, DE 19747, requesting information about catering this event, especially menu choices, costs, wait staff, and set-up fees. Remember to ask all pertinent questions; bear in mind that some guests may require vegetarian and/or kosher choices; you expect between 90 and 100 people to attend. Since the budget allocation for spring events is to be made by January 15, 2014, it is essential for you to receive this information from the caterer to present to the FSA Budget Committee no later than the middle of December. Write a well-formatted letter that is properly organized and makes effective use of bullets. DO NOT USE THE SALUTATION “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.” Look up the proper salutation to use when all you know is the name of the company.

3. Dr. Lisinsky wishes to invite a prominent local violinist, Joshua Bellson, to perform at the luncheon. You were just informed by another professor in the department, Edward Kravitt, that Joshua enjoys these types of activities and is probably available. Write a letter for Dr. Lisinsky’s signature extending the invitation to Mr. Bellson. Offer him a $250 honorarium as well as a delicious luncheon. Mr. Bellson’s address is 1851 Commodore Plaza, Apt. 3C, Cumberland, DE 19748.

4. Today is March 9, 2014. Based on the response letter you received from Embassy Caterers on December 10, 2013 quoting a per person price of $16.50, including food and all set-up fees, you chose to use their services. The luncheon was a huge success. You received an invoice on March 5 requesting payment for 112 guests at $19.50 per person. Write a letter for Dr. Lisinsky’s signature to Embassy Caterers indicating that the invoice they sent is incorrect. Include all pertinent information so that you receive the desired action on the caterer’s part.