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The Godfather

3. The Godfather and Cabaret




Compare and contrast two movies! Following the note!

you have to use the note to write it for background or other information can use and it should be written what you prefer in what ways about story or other espects or both while you are comparing and contrasting two movies..

i think you better to write it in that you prefer Godfather…







Old fashioned genres are the new way. And they were both heavy competitors of the Oscars.  And of course they are both adaptations. Cabaret started in serial novel form much as … did. And then it was adapted to a stage play. Then from the stage play it became a film. Where as The Godfather was a best selling novel and was translated from the novel into a film. So I might compare and contrast the films


… the same year and they are Oscar contenders. I’ll tell you a little bit about The Godfather first. Marlin Brando won for playing the … it won best actor and won best picture. And Godfather won for writing screen play based on … And then Cabaret is one of those things … Francis Ford Coppola didn’t get the Oscar for directing for best picture that year. That Oscar went to Bob Fosse for directing Cabaret so that’s flipped a little bit. And I wonder in terms of your personal taste, which did you prefer? How many people thought the Godfather was a better film? And how many people thought that Cabaret was better? The Cabaret crowd is in the minority. Most historians feel like the Godfather is a more important film … tally up all the films … they pretty much consider the Godfather is a must see. Where as Cabaret … it’s doing some very interesting stuff for the time. You know I think the editing was really out there in terms of 1972. The Godfather is more conservatively made film in terms of the editing is very, pretty much linear. That sequence where the baptism is happening and you know, doing the cross cutting with the assassinations, right, you know what I’m talking about? But the bulk of the film is going from beginning to end in a straight line


We talked about how I was going to ask you to compare the Godfather and Cabaret and that is, even though they are different genres they’re coming out at the exact same moment in history. They’re released in 1972. They’re competitors for the audience of that day. And so you could word it such that you should have fun comparing and contrasting those 2 films. And based on what you liked about either one or disliked about either one or both. So that will be an opinion piece for Godfather and Cabaret





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