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the Internet and write an essay

For this assignment, you will search information from the Internet and write an essay paper discussing an art print, using a method discussed in your text, that you would use to decorate your own bedroom. In your paper, be sure to compare and contrast at least three different types of art prints and artists from your text, and explain the reasons for your selection.


Use any search engine to find information – Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, or Dogpile are all good
Type in the subject you would like to research
Look for reputable source such as museums, libraries, and web addresses ending in “edu”
Be sure to use correct grammar and spelling, provide specific examples, and include concepts from the text readings.
Your paper should be 750 words, follow the APA or MLA format prescribed by your instructor (double-space, 12 pt. font, etc.) and include a Reference page listing all of your sources, including the textbook. Any paper without references will have an automatic 10-point deduction.


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