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The Old Dictionary

Final Project

In “The Old Dictionary”, there is a relationship between care of the self and care of others, both other people and things also.  Discuss that relationship.  Would you say there is a tension between care of the self and others?  Is caring for others a way of caring for the self? Do we see ourselves in others, or others in ourselves?  …. Decide your focus for this assignment along these lines.

Assignment: present this author in that context and along with the works we’ve read by other authors this semester?  You must include at least 4 of the authors in total and you must include Davis among them.  Note that this assignment starts with a very short story, but the topic is a very broad one and you will have to narrow it down into a thematic presentation of your own.

You may do this in a standard term paper format, or you can choose another format such as power point and include materials such as links or images.  If you use prezi, please send a direct url link (NOT a pdf of the thing).  This is a pretty ‘open’ assignment.  You have to choose how you want to present your thoughts on this subject, as well as what those thought are. All I ask is that you use complete sentences, no bullet lists.  And INCLUDE DIRECT QUOTES, let the pieces of literature speak a bit for themselves as you present them. Think about what you think about the topic presented and how best to represent your thoughts most effectively.


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