the perspectives

Write 3-5 paragraphs in which you compare and contrast the perspectives and concerns of two separate narrators (or characters) from Lesson 6, for example, Anzia and Ada; Ada and Krebs; Gertrude Stein (in her essay on masterpieces) and Anzia; Anzia and Krebs.

These are the readings you can choose from: 

  1. “The Literature of Modernism: Prose 1912-1940, pp. 925-944
  2. Stein, Gertrude, “Ada,” pp. 983-988
  3. —. “What Are Masterpieces and Why There Are So Few of Them” pp. 989-994
  4. Yezierska, Anzia, “ America and I,” pp. 1018-1026
  5. Hemingway, Ernest, “Soldier’s Home,” pp. 1154-1163