The presentation

1. Readings for presentation is now uploaded on the blackboard.  They are marked with a P in square brackets.

2. The presentation is 20 minutes long, with an additional 10 minutes for questions and comments.

3. In the presentation, the team will summarize the main points of the reading. They should relate the reading to the subject matter of this course. As far as possible, references should be made to other readings that the class has covered or will cover.

4. The team should feel free to take issue with the reading, and give reasoned arguments in support of their views. Is the article flawed factually or logically?  Does it go against the team’s understanding of the issue at hand?  In what way does the article shed light on other readings, and so on?

5. The team can choose to suggest questions for discussion, but it must also explain in what way the questions are important. 

6. The team should also anticipate questions from the rest of the class, and get ready to answer them.  Conversely, the rest of the class should be prepared to raise questions by reading the materials beforehand and paying attention during the presentation. Participation in the discussion will be duly noted.

7. Presenters should be mindful of the time.  Under no circumstances should they go overtime.

8. Presenters should rehearse until they are in full control of the presentation materials.