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The second dance from

  1. Page format: Please do not include a title page for your paper. Have a simple heading that includes your name, section number and assignment. The font should be times new roman, size 12 and 1.5 spaced. 1 page
  2. Choose two dances that were performed in the concert. One dance needs to be from the 1st half of the show and the other dance needs to be from the 2nd half. Please note that I will require the title and choreographer of the pieces you are analyzing in your writing.


    Questions to answer in your paper

    1. Inthedancesyouchose,pleaserelatetheclassassignmentsgiventoyouin class such as unison phrases, storytelling, manipulation, partner work, repetition etc… to the work performed on stage. If any, did the choreographer use the tasks the same way to construct the dance onstage as you did? If yes, how? Do they differ? Are they similar?
    2. Do the dances relate to you personally? Do they make you think of ideas or themes in relation to you, others, the world, or anything else you are studying? If so please include examples from the dance in order to defend your argument.
    3. What did you like or dislike about the dance?



    The first dance show from 1st part—-Name: there was this one time


    The dance is performed by one female and one male student. They are both asain so they were telling their stories with both English and chinese while they dancing.(storytelling is related to our class assignment)


    The second dance from 2nd part—-(in)exhaustive


    The dance is performed by 4 girls. It was tap dance. Each of them has a tube in there hand (tubes’ length are different, sound are differnt). They use the tube to make sound and combine them into a song. They also exchanged their tubes to change combinations.(partner work and repetition are relating to class assignment)


    Based on this 2 dances, answer question(you can make up some)


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