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Each thread should be 250 – 300 words in length, include thought-provoking, clearly focused, and fully supported sentences.   Be sure not to use first person at any point during the course (except for when the discussion question calls for a personal response).  Must address each part of discussion post.



Think back to the teachers you have encountered in your own school or some you have recently observed.  How would you categorize their approaches to discipline?  Were there behavior modification advocates or did the focus on logical consequences and encouragement?  Which way are you leaning now?


Criteria Points Possible Points


Thread – Key Components 7 points

All key components of the DB prompt are answered in a new thread

Thread – Flow 5 points

Clear, logical flow to post

Thread – Major Points 5 points

Major points are stated clearly

Thread – Major Points 7 points

Major points are supported

Thread – Spelling and Grammar 3 points

Spelling & grammar

Thread – Word Count 3 points

Sufficient word count (250–300)

Reply – Word Count 7 points

Sufficient word count (100–150)

Reply – Communication 3 points

Appropriate “netiquette” manners (For example, no name calling or labeling another student’s idea a derogatory term, such as “stupid,” “dumb” even when disagreeing—See Student Expectations )

Reply – Contribution 7 points

Brings clarity to issues being discussed relating issues to Scripture/biblical principles and experience.

Reply – Spelling and Grammar 3 points

Spelling & grammar

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