the world financial system

Financial Crisis Assignment:  In 2008, the world financial system was on the brink of failure and the US Government made a series of decisions to prevent world “meltdown” of the financial systems.  The justification was “Too Big to Fail”.  An HBO movie has come out called “Too Big to Fail”.  In 2010 the movie “Inside Job” came out and it is a documentary of the financial crisis in the United States.  I would like you to watch both films and do some research on the basis of these films.


After that, you need to write a 5 to 7 page paper that is typed, single space with 1 inch margins, Times-Roman 12pt font.  The page count does not include a cover page or reference page.  In the paper you need to address the following items:


  1. You need to provide a summary of what the “Financial Crisis” was in the United States.
  2. Compare the two films and discuss which one portrays a more accurate representation of the real events.  Please refer to research that you found on the events to support this.  You may find that both are accurate in a different area.  That is ok.
  3. Determine if legislation has been passed to overhaul the lending and banking system as a response to this crisis.  Please provide an overview/ explanation of this legislation.
  4. Pick three items that were part of the crisis and/or legislation and explain how it impacts, good or bad in your opinion, the profession of Industrial Engineering or businesses that Industrial Engineers will be employed in.
  5. Finally, what ethical implications were involved in this financial crisis and how does it relate to the Code of Ethics for Industrial Engineers?


I expect you to watch both films, do research and to go to the actual legislation and read it.  You need to do research and provide references in your paper.  The paper should be between 5 to 7 pages typed not including a cover page or reference page.   In addition, in text citations and appropriate referencing is required in addition to a well written paper in English.