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The Years of My Birth

your assignment is to submit a presentation on Native-American literature. You may choose ONE of the stories below..

“The Shawl”

“The Years of My Birth”

Here are the specifications for the assignment:

1. Please submit your presentation to the Presentation Drop Box under Module 4 Hispanic-American Literature. The deadline is 12/05.

2. Your presentation will consist of a PowerPoint or Prezi. The format MUST allow for video clips to be incorporated. In order to fulfill the oral communication component of this course, you will videotape yourself speaking onto a camera or record yourself speaking. Please submit an mp3 file, not a wave file, and include this video or audio clip in your presentation. Audio is required.

3. The presentation should include:

A. First slide with your name and the story or poem you selected for your presentation.

B. Slides that show your research of a minimum of 3 facts or statistics that help enhance our understanding of Native American/ Hispanic/ African-American literature, culture, history, or traditions (depending on your last name, you will focus on one of these types of literature. Please see above). Please explain HOW these 3 facts relate to the story or poem you chose to discuss. Please provide MLA citation regarding where the facts and statistics came from (URL or article you found).

B. Please include one video clip of the author and/or historic event related to the poem or story you are presenting on.

C. Please present 2 ways in which the story or poem you chose relates to ONE literary criticism theory. (Please see Introduction to Literary Analysis Folder under Content.) You can do this orally in video and/or audio.

D. Please audiotape yourself for 5 minutes speaking to us about the literary theory that applies to the story or poem you have chosen for your presentation. This video or audio clip should be included with your presentation or prezi.

F. On the video of yourself, please ask one question you have about the story or poem and provide a possible answer.

This presentation will be graded on:

— complete information required

— clarity of oral presentation

— use of video and/or audio

— research and explanation of literary theoy

— analysis of story or poem.


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