• 1. Need a clear thesis that specifies what your analysis of the rhetorical elements in both articles are. You must be specific—show me what you believe makes one article more engaging than the other or not. 
  • 2.Need see a very specific claim in each paragraph that focuses on all the points you cover in the paragraph. I also need you to introduce yourself in that claim. Furthermore, I need to see a very clear structure of Claim—Evidence—Explanation of Evidence. 
  • Regarding the macrostructure, the organization of the paper is not efficient. You lump together the information about the articles and do not make a clear point about how they compare in a claim. You must use separate paragraphs for each article with the idea that you are comparing them in the claim. 
  • 3.This paper relies mostly on summary and not on the analysis of the rhetorical elements. 
  • 4.In text-citation and WC page are absent. 
  • 5.Need more explanation of evidence so that you can explore how the rhetorical elements engage or disengage the audience.