Topic Developmen

hello i want u to edit something in my assignment need it i.e. by less than 24 hours

What are the sections I want you to include about a paragraph of two on each?  There are 5 basic things I want you to address. 

so under each topic u have to write 2 paragraph 

 1-Topic Overview:   Develop an overview of your research idea addressing in general what the research problem is, why research in this area is needed, and the source of the need (tell me who said this topic needed research done on it).

2.  Researcher Qualifications: 

Tell me why you are interested/motivated to do research in this topic area and what is your background to do research on this topic.

3.  Topic Development: 

Explain why your topic idea is a “researchable problem” and not a “personal problem.”  Apply the information in the text and notes to explain to me how the ‘Scientific method’ can be applied to this topic and produce a valid answer.

4.  Feasibility: 

Evaluate the feasibility of doing this research.  You’ll need to read ahead to Chapter 4 in the text and notes on this part, but identify the resources  needed to accomplish this project and how you intend to obtain them.

5.  Specific Research Question(s):

This is real heart of the research project, what is the specific question (or questions) that is currently unknown knowledge that you