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totalitarian dictator


Read and listen (Links to an external site.) to the performance of Antigoneby Sophocles. The character of Antigone has been considered by many scholars to be an early example of feminist hero due to her steadfast commitment to the justness of her cause. However, like all tragic figures, she possess her own tragic flaw. Likewise, Creon has often been interpreted as kind of totalitarian dictator who disregards the will of his people in order to assert his own strength and political. Nevertheless, in some respects, Creon’s resistance to honoring Polyneices, who he deems a kind of terrorist, is not very different from the way that contemporary society treats so-called enemies of the state.

Choosing either Antigone or Creon, discuss how this character presents the idea of justice. What arguments or reasons does the character employ to justify his or her actions? Describe a contemporary situation which you feel reflects this character’s approach to justice.


Reply to at least two other students, aiming to notice patterns, commonalities and interesting differences in our learning community. All posts should be written in complete sentences and are expected to meet the standards for college-level writing. Original posts should be at least five sentences in length; replies should be at least three sentences in length.


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