unique learning needs

The goal of this assignment is to practice selecting reading texts to support diverse students in English language arts. Understanding how to differentiate for different learning, linguistic, and cultural needs will increase teacher candidates’ teaching efficacy.   In this assignment, complete the “Differentiating for Diverse Students Chart,” appropriately selecting a reading text (fiction or non-fiction) for each student and offering rationale for that selection. The text you select does not need to mirror the student’s demographic profile, but it should be engaging, culturally relevant, and selected based on the student’s unique learning needs.  Each rationale should be 100-150 words in length and include the following: •A description of the text and why it was selected for that particular student. •A strategy, method, or activity to teach that text to the student. •Supported by one or more research-based articles (which may include your text and the readings from this course)