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Week 4 Drama Review

Please watch the video othello in My Literture Lab. PLease have assignment completed by 03/03/15 by 8pm Eastern TIme.



Week 4 Drama Review

FIRST: Watch filmed versions of your chosen play on MyLiteratureLab (, accessed through your textbook’s code.  If you have questions, please contact your instructor.


Once you finish watching your assigned play, write a brief drama review of the film version. Your review should answer the following questions in a paragraph each:

  1. Begin with a sentence recommending the film, warning audiences to stay away from the film, or providing a mixed reaction to the film.
  2. Follow with a paragraph about the depiction of the main character.  Was it satisfying as a performance?  Did it capture the essence of the character well, in your opinion?  Why or why not?
  3. Next, write a paragraph about the overall theme of the play and how well it was communicated by the film.
  4. Finally, add any other details that, in your opinion, made the film a satisfying/unsatisfying/ mixed experience, both in its own right and in its successful depiction of the play.

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