Week 4 Drama Review

Please watch the video othello in My Literture Lab. PLease have assignment completed by 03/03/15 by 8pm Eastern TIme.



Week 4 Drama Review

FIRST: Watch filmed versions of your chosen play on MyLiteratureLab (https://portal.mypearson.com/login), accessed through your textbook’s code.  If you have questions, please contact your instructor.


Once you finish watching your assigned play, write a brief drama review of the film version. Your review should answer the following questions in a paragraph each:

  1. Begin with a sentence recommending the film, warning audiences to stay away from the film, or providing a mixed reaction to the film.
  2. Follow with a paragraph about the depiction of the main character.  Was it satisfying as a performance?  Did it capture the essence of the character well, in your opinion?  Why or why not?
  3. Next, write a paragraph about the overall theme of the play and how well it was communicated by the film.
  4. Finally, add any other details that, in your opinion, made the film a satisfying/unsatisfying/ mixed experience, both in its own right and in its successful depiction of the play.