What is the general topic of the research? What are the more specific research questions/reasons for the research?

Anth 3: Article Review Assignment (25 pts)

Article Selection: 

You have your choice of articles to review for this assignment. I have posted some options for you in Canvas if you are not picky. If you would prefer to choose a different article, say, focusing on a different culture or archaeological site, it must come from an approved journal (listed below). Access to journals can be found through the El Camino Library. After logging in, a good option is to click on “Find a Full-Text Periodical by Title.” Here you can look up a specific journal and browse recent articles. Keep in mind that you will need to choose a research article, not a descriptive report or review (these shorter articles are typically published at the back of the journal). Articles should not be published earlier than 1990.

Approved journals:

American Antiquity (mostly North America, some Central and South America)

Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory (worldwide)

Journal of Field Archaeology (worldwide)

Latin American Antiquity (Central and South America)

World Archaeology (worldwide)

Select one article and read it entirely. Your assignment consists of a written review and evaluation. You will cut and paste your review/evaluation (label by numbered portion) in the Assignments section of Canvas. A minimum of 500 words is required in total (not including the questions themselves), but do not over-compensate with extended quotes. Information should be synthesized in a concise manner. Please use single spacing.

Include the following information in your review:

1. If you chose your own article, full reference of the article you are reviewing. Otherwise, just the author and title, if you chose one of the provided articles. 

2. Background: What is the general topic of the research? What are the more specific research questions/reasons for the research? Does the author propose a specific hypothesis or hypotheses?

3. Data: What are the specific sources of data used to address the research topic? How were they studied, what research strategies were used (historical research, archaeological excavations)? Be specific.

4. Conclusions: What were the general results of the research? What conclusions were reached in the article, answers to research questions, or results of research strategies? Were further questions raised or was more information needed?

5.  Evaluation of the Research: Were the research methods were adequate to assess the research questions (your perspective/the conclusion of the authors)? Do you think the specific conclusions were supported by the data? Would you suggest a different approach or a different research strategy?