Which disability/disabilities area might this child be eligible for special education services? Explain.

Case Study Assignment 

(Video and Writing Sample)

This Case Study meets the following course objectives:

1a:  Students will identify parts of speech in context and recognize errors in basic syntax

2b: Students will demonstrate knowledge of appropriate early childhood developmental milestones

2c: Students will explain how language and communication affect learning

2d: Students will identify factors which create barriers to effective communication

4a:  Student will identify disabilities impacted by language deficits

4b:  Students will determine the specific disability based on student characteristics.

5a: Students will use appropriate mechanics and vocabulary in oral and written discussions.

This assignment requires you to watch a video of an 8 year old child in 3rd grade. The child is communicating through multiple modalities. These modalities include expressive language, receptive language, intonation, vocabulary, clarity of speech, voice modulation, pitch, volume, speed, and even non-verbal communications such as body language (facial expressions, eye contact, body posture, gestures, and overall body movements). You will also read a written sample from the same child (writing sample is below).

Please open this video. You may have to cut and paste it. https://youtu.be/smE9mpHqjQs

Before reviewing this case, please read all of the questions below, then review the case study and identify the following:

1. Are there difficulties in form, content, or use, based on the video?

2. If there are difficulties in form, content, or use, explain and provide specific examples. Address each area even if there are no issues in one of the areas, in order to justify your opinion.

3. What is his MLU (base this on the first 4 minutes of the video)?

4. What Brown’s Stage of Development does this fall?

5. Review the child’s writing sample. At what narrative level is this child functioning (Page 318 through 320- Additive Chains, Temporal Stories, True Narrative, and Multi-causal Narrative)? Explain your rationale.

6. Do a macro-analysis and a micro-analysis of this child’s writing (Refer to info. starting at page 316. Also use the Narratives Handout to assist you). Provide a rationale for your responses.

7. Review all special education disability areas. Which disability/disabilities area might this child be eligible for special education services? Explain. You can find this information in the Language Disorders text starting at Chapter 6, page 171.

8. Develop an intervention plan which addresses at least two aspects of this child’s delays. You may use textbook and/or google sources, or you can consult an expert in the field of special education. Be sure to cite your sources in APA format.

Writing Sample

One day on vacation we went to the beach and when we were at the beach he built sand castles and so I went out and we found a sand barge(?) the water was low so later we were going to go back to the beach but it stormed so we couldnt and that was my day at the beach.