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Writers and Stories



Test 2 Short Essay (2-4 paragraphs/1-2 pages in length)

From the list below, choose a work/writer that you feel speaks to your own experience in a meaningful way. Using specific examples from the work, explain why it does and how it does.

Use only a writer on this list and the work(s) by that writer listed on the Daily Syllabus.

Use the materials in our textbook, class lectures, and discussions, if you need them. If you use quotations, place the page number from our text in parentheses at the end of the quote.

Do not use or consult (read) any outside (secondary) sources.  All tests will be checked for plagiarism by Safe Assign. If plagiarism is found, a grade of “zero” will be assigned, and the test cannot be retaken.

List of Writers and Stories

Charles Baudelaire- The Flowers of Evil: “To the Reader,” “Correspondences,

Anton Chekhov- “The Lady with the Dog.”

James Joyce- “Araby” ,  “Eveline” , The Boarding House” , “The Dead”

Franz Kafka- The Metamorphosis

Guy de Maupassant- “Hautot and His Son

Gabriel Garcia Marquez- “Death Constant Beyond Love

Leo Tolstoy- The Death of Ivan Ilyich.



Grading Rubric for Essays and Tests:

Four Main Areas 1. Grammar, punctuation, mechanics and format are important. An essay or test with significant errors in areas such as subject/verb agreement, incoherence, conversational diction, fragments, comma splices, spelling, etc. will not be considered passing work. In other words, an assignment can fail, if the errors in these areas prevent clear communication of your ideas. In a 200 level course, these skills should already be in place. If you are concerned about this area of your writing, please take early advantage of the Writing Sample Assignment on the Assignments page.

2. Essays and answers on identification and essay tests must have a thesis. The thesis is the central point or argument that serves as the focus of your essay or answer. In an essay, this will be the main assertion you make, a point that reasonable people might argue about. In an identification test answer, the thesis is the significance that you state for the ID item. If there is no central idea to unify information, information alone will not be sufficient.

3. Content for essays and answers on identification and essay tests must be relevant to the thesis and must fully and clearly support it in an organized manner with analysis, logic, and examples from the readings and/or outside sources. If you, yourself, are persuaded by your own arguments, your reader should be as well. You can assume that your reader knows the literary work(s) fairly well, and, therefore, detailed retelling of the action or stories will not be necessary. However, offering a well-chosen quote or piece of plot that sharply exemplifies your point is always a good strategy.

4. Read instructions for essays and tests carefully to be sure that you follow them and give the information asked for in them. I try to structure assignments so that there is a writing strategy imbedded in the questions and instructions themselves.




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