You must create a post of at least 200-words in answer to ONE of the week’s Discussion questions/topics.

Online Discussion assignments for this course will consist of  multiple questions/topics presented via a forum created for each module.  You must create a post of at least 200-words in answer to ONE of the  week’s Discussion questions/topics. APA with references

Be sure to identify the title of the question when posting.

  1. Black Holes in Popular Culture:   Phrases such as “it disappeared into a black hole” are now common in  popular culture. Give a few examples in which the term black hole is  used in popular culture but is not meant to be taken literally. In what  ways are these analogies to real black holes accurate? In what ways are  they inaccurate? Why do you think a scientific idea as esoteric as that  of a black hole has so strongly captured the public imagination?
  2. Too Strange to Be True?:  Despite strong theoretical arguments for the existence of neutrons  stars and black holes, many scientists rejected the possibility that  such objects could really exist until they were confronted with very  strong observational evidence. Some people claim that his type of  scientific skepticism demonstrates an unwillingness on the part of  scientists to give up their deeply held scientific beliefs. Others claim  that this type of skepticism is necessary for scientific advancement.  What do you think? Defend your opinion.
  3. Connections to the Stars:  In ancient times, many people believed that our lives were somehow  influenced by the patterns of the stars in the sky. Modern science has  not found any evidence to support this belief, but instead has found  that we have connection to the stars on a much deeper level: We are  “star stuffed.” Discuss in some detail our real connections to the stars  as established by modern astronomy. Do you think these connections have  any philosophical implication in terms of how we view our lives and our  civilization? Explain.