Ethics Development in modern society

Ethics Development in modern society

Wikipedia developed a great environment of knowledge. People can easily search for information they need by typing few wards in Wikipedia’s website. Marshall Poe explained Wikipedia’s function in the essay “The Hive”. The Dalai Lama analyzes the model of ethics system in the essay “Ethics and The New Genetics”. The principle of Wikipedia is to gather people’s knowledge to explain meaning of everything in the world. As it play more and more important role, people are starting to doubt the social impact of Wikipedia because the knowledge that Wikipedia brought is made by people themselves. Children who learned knowledge from social constitution can easily be influenced and change moral decisions. Better development of moral system can be done when social standard influence human’s knowledge because of knowledge’s fairness, relativity and practicability.

Firstly, knowledge has fairness. Especially the type of knowledge in Wikipedia system has large amount of acceptance, so moral system should be affected. The same way Wiki does, people’s working style will be more likely to gathering advice and suggestions to deal with things in their daily life. The Dalai Lama explained that “The evolution of the human brain has occurred over millions of years”(133), as human developed their brain for millions of years, they can easily suit Wikipedia system to gather information.

After that, ethics standard has relativity because there is no absolute true or false answer in the whole universe. Nothing is permanent, everything is impermanent. Relativity can help knowledge become debatable by people’s trend and human nature. The Dalai Lama mentioned that “When I think about the various new ways of manipulating human genetics, I can’t help but feel that there is something profoundly lacking in our appreciation of what it is to cherish humanity”(137). News have huge effects on human’s thoughts. For example, in China, government manipulating every single news organization to control people’s thinking, everything that related to the Dalai Lama’s will never appear.

Whats more, practicability of knowledge important to develop social moral standard. Human are using their knowledge everyday in their daily life. Cleaning house with large amount of tools; driving with awareness of transportation rules and so on. The Dalai Lama says that “The human capacity for moral reasoning has kept pace with developments in human knowledge and its capacities. But with the new era in biogenetic science, the gap between moral reasoning and our technological capacities has reached a critical point”(133). Technology and moral system in modern society have became important parts nowadays, they rely on each other.

In conclusion, fairness, relativity and practicability of knowledge affected human’s moral system to make it more stable and suitable for people