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Final Appeal or impression

Persuasion Topic, Outline

 Dont worry about the video I will do that myself I just need the speech and outline.


Post a unique Persuasion topic.

  • Include a brief statement
  • proposed topic
  • your intended audience.

Rubric Discussions – Persuasion Topic



Criteria Rating
Topic – original (or modified to be different from classmate’s topic) Make sure it is a

persuasive topic!

Audience – Explain who your intended audience is and why this topic is appropriate to


Statement – Explain how you will develop this speech and maintain a tight focus on

your subject

Total        100


Deliver your persuasive speech from your prepared speaking outline. Record and submit the speech and a document containing the following items:

  • Persuasive Speech Outline
  • Add the video link for your persuasive speech to the top of your speaking outline.
  • Also include your answers to the questions on the

checklist for Persuasive Speech


REMINDER: Your speech should be 4-7 minutes. You must have evidence that is valid to support the logic that you use for your speech, for your audience, as well as for your topic and the persuasive position that you are expressing.


Review your preparatory and your speaking outline. As part of your speaking outline for your assignment in this module, make sure that you are answering the following questions.

1. What type of issue are you addressing? (question of fact, value, policy, appeal for passive acceptance, appeal to action, some combination, or other type of issue)


2. Who is your audience? In what context? What do you know about your audience? What approaches would appeal to your audience? What questions or doubts are they likely to have? Will it be important to use visual aids or avoid them for your persuasive speech? (in this module, it is more important to focus on the development of your speech; if a visual aid is appropriate for both your topic and your audience, and if you are comfortable using a visual aid, then you may include it; however, you may have noticed that the most compelling persuasive speeches of our time have not used visual aids)


3. What is your major premise, your minor premise, and your conclusion? (even if you do not present this in your speech, it is important to know your own logic that leads you to your position)


4. How have you addressed the arguments for an opposing point of view regarding the issue you are raising in your speech?


5. What reasoning strategy will you use in your speech? Why? (what form of reasoning, such as example to generality; causal; analogical)


6. What evidence will you use? What makes the evidence credible to the audience? Why are you using this evidence? What are your sources? (include specific evidence, details, examples)


7. How does your evidence relate to your logic?


8. How will you use respected role models to demonstrate the attitude or dispositions that you wish the audience to accept? How will you engage the audience in having to work through the thinking about issues?


9. What emotional or value appeals will you make? Why? (what are the particular values or emotions to which you will appeal)


REMINDER: Build your answers into your introduction, previews, body of central and main ideas, wrap up transitions, and your summary and/or conclusion. Use an organization, language, and delivery of your speech that will be perceived as credible and become memorable for your audience.


Rubric Persuasive Speech

Rating                                Criteria



_____ (5 pts.)  Choice of Subject

                         * Appropriate to speaker and listener

* Appropriate to assignment

* Speaks within time limits (4-7 minutes)

* Topic adequately limited


_____ (10 pts.) Introduction (memorized)

* Gains attention in a memorable way

* Establishes goodwill and credibility with audience

* Clearly discloses purpose

* Statement of key points

* 10-20 % of speech


_____ (15 pts.) Speaking Outline

* Easy to follow pattern of development appropriate to a persuasive speech

* Correct outline format – Follow visual frame of preparation outline (same numbers, letters, etc.

*  Includes everything covered in the speech

* Legible – large letters, space between lines

* Use key words or phrases to jog memory (bullet points on which you can expand)

* Important points and quotations and statistics written in sentence form

* Cues for delivery (underline key ideas, jot cues such as “pause,” “repeat,” “louder,” or “slow

down” to help you remember)


_____ (10 pts.)  List of at least four references using correct APA format (alphabetical order)


_____ (10 pts.)  Development of body

                           * Well defined main points and central idea

* Excellent evidence, logic, and appeals that are relevant for your topic, your position on your

topic, and your audience

* Excellent use of reinforcement techniques (including visual aids)

* Great use of transitions, signposts, and/or internal previews to tie it all together

* Organization & language that makes it memorable in a positive and appealing way for your


* Quotations identified, explaining who said it and what makes him/her an authority



_____ (10 pts.) Extemporaneous delivery

* look more at audience than at notes

* Speaker uses note cards for mobility and access to audience

* Delivery style that makes it memorable and appealing


_____ (10 pts.) Body Language

* Use of facial expressions consistent with tone of speech

* Minimal physical movement, limited to movements that carry a message

* Posture & movement natural (not too rigid, not too relaxed)

* Use of eye contact without staring; not looking too much at any one person; look at all parts

of audience; use eye contact to impact important points


_____ (10 pts.)    Voice, Pronunciation, & Language

                           * Nice, conversational style of delivery

* Clarity (easy to understand)

* Volume & pitch varied to create interest and enthusiasm

* Tone appropriate to subject

* Grammar and pronunciation correct

* Word choice appropriate to message

* Rate & pacing (natural; not slowed or hurried to accomodate speaking time)


_____ (10 pts.)     Conclusion (memorized)

* Final Appeal or impression

* Re-statement of main points

* Provides closure so audience knows when speech is finished

* 5-10% of speech

_____ ( 10 pts.)

* Answers to “Checklist for Persuasive Speaking” about your persuasive speech



_____ (100 points) Total Rating


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