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Running head: COMMUNITY ORGANISATION (spelling)


Community organization Comment by CLASSY T M: Capitalize the O in Organization. Organization in the header is misspelled.

Grantham University

Introduction (center) Comment by CLASSY T M: Center the word Introduction

(Indent) Community organization is the act of bringing people together so that they can be able to address problems issues and concerns with the aim of improving self-determination achieving equality and affecting the leadership to benefit members of the community. The community members develop plans on how their living place can be a place where their children do well, how they can stop drug addiction and violence with their neighbors. Also, enhance peace and working together to build affordable housing. How do these communities manage all this and ensure that their members are satisfied? Also, what are the challenges these communities face while exploring this avenue of solving their issues and problems together? Community organization happens in different contexts; examples shared places, common work situation or workplace and shared experiences or concerns. Comment by CLASSY T M: Ident the first sentence of the paragraph Comment by CLASSY T M: You can join commas, semi colons to add sentences. They all don’t have to start with Also.

(Indent) All these arguments suggest that in a community organization should have well established and working plan, as one community ‘The Heart of America Foundation’ has. The foundation has been working to help and ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn and grow. Currently, it has served over a million students by supplying over four million books and transforming over three hundred and twenty-five libraries, cafeterias, and educational facilities in high-need areas across the United States. It has been possible for the organization to attain since it well establish strategies and it, mobilizes thousands of volunteers who spread the culture of compassion as it helps improve their communities. It is a good example of communities besides others like keep America clean, Ford Foundation W.K Foundation and many others. Despite the success of this community organization, they are faced with some challenges most the time with the plans for achieving their goals. It weighs down the progress of this organizations, and if not well addressed it may hinder the function of that organization completely Comment by CLASSY T M: Indent first sentence to begin another paragraph Comment by CLASSY T M: establishes Comment by CLASSY T M: Comment by CLASSY T M: Comment by CLASSY T M: America Clean Comment by CLASSY T M: most of the time

(Center)The Community Organization Comment by CLASSY T M: Center The Community Organization

(Indent) organization and community development are related in that to achieve the goals of community development then community organization method is used. In community organization, the following aspects are considered significant, voluntary cooperation, self-help, democratic procedures, leadership development, awareness, and sensitization. Thus, community organization should not be the just collaboration of people who shares the common interest or disagrees with those in leadership but also should consider the aspect of work. It gave birth to a various context of community organization work.

(Center)Social planning Comment by CLASSY T M: Center Social Planning

(Ident) Information and analysis are used in social planning to address important community issues, for example, education, environmental health, and child development. This task is performed by a group of professional incorporating the social planning council in setting goals, objectives and coordinating efforts and goal attainment. These are attained through consensus or conflict about the goals stetted, and information gathered about poor performance from teenage students and the factors contributing to it. For this case, the Heart of America Foundation organization team of professionals investigates the quality of children educational environment and how it impacts on their development. Thus according to them after parents and teachers, the physical environment is considered a child’s “third teacher. “ Comment by CLASSY T M: Ident or tab to begin the first sentence of a new paragraph

Once they establish the child’s environment state they come up with ways of improving it with the aim of attaining better child’s development. Hence social planning assists in building agreement on same achievements. Also, a good example is from an article “Home School community Partnerships”. Comment by CLASSY T M: Take off Also, and say A good example of a written article is by Linda Madison called “Home School Partnerships. Comment by CLASSY T M: Community should be capitalized, the hyperlink should be blue once you hit enter.

Linda Madison writes it. The purpose of the article is to mobilize the parents about the importance of participating to their children academic success. The majority of the student registers poor performance because their parents are least concerned and don’t spend the time to identify their strong or weak area. If parents are involved, the problem of the students’ poor performance can be solved quickly. The population addressed by the articles is teachers, parents and school students. This article had good results; a good number of the parents responded to the call, and students’ performances in most school have improved.

(center)Social action Comment by CLASSY T M: Center Social Action

(indent or tab) Social action entails efforts to develop the resources and power of low-income members of the community; they involve rights organizations, advocacy groups. Most of the time they use disruptive events to air their grievances to those above them, this event may include strikes or protest which will stop once some agreement is reached between the two parties. They may also use lawsuits and boycotts from their duties to draw the attention of their superiors. Social action tactics usually are employed in a lot of situations involving conflict interests and imbalance in power and commonly take place when the formal negotiation have failed to work in that case. Comment by CLASSY T M: Indent first sentence

Locality development

It is a process of reaching community consensus about common concerns and collaborating in problem solution, and it’s another way of making people work together. Rural and urban communities may cooperate in defining issues such as access to job opportunities or better education and taking the necessary action in addressing the concerns.

All these three elements may be combined in community partnerships’ and coalitions when individuals share a common interest such as child well-being or drug/substance abuse and they come together to curb this concerns. These are developing specific programs, policies, and practices that aim at the reduction of those concerns.

Addressing and understanding opposition and resistance

With every organization, challenges are common subject as nothing on earth is perfect and the fact that organizations involve individuals with different backgrounds and education levels. If those in authority are opposed to community action and efforts, then they may be the disconnect between public interest/common good and the private interest of those with malign influence and aims. Ethnic and racial tension and misunderstanding have disrupted and destroyed many community organizations efforts. For instance, almost all African American share a shared history of racial discrimination, such as being much suspected in the case of crime activities and ignored by cabs in the city. It may breed conflict that disrupts collaboration and reciprocity among people of different cultures and races. Opposition and resistance may be solved by appropriate counteractions that may include turning negatives into positives, concentrating on opponents weaknesses with the organizational strength and also knowing when to engage in a negotiation. Comment by CLASSY T M: Oppentent’s

The community organization should have the vision of the future, such as goals they have plans to achieve. For instance, the Heart of America Foundation organization has the visions: providing students with the safe and secure environment full of high-quality educational resources to enable them to learn and grow. This vision is successful to some extent as the organization is committed to the path of achieving it, and their close working relations with their partners in that sector that are the schools, sponsors, and volunteers. They also have a well-dedicated team of professional who inspire and motivate teachers, students, and volunteers to support education sector. Comment by CLASSY T M: Future;

The organizational option of accepting volunteers and sponsors give it an added advantage, as its easy join the organization and share a common goal with them by volunteering to be with them and u can use your knowledge in empowering students to work positively towards achieving their careers.

If you are wealthy and got enough to donate, then the organization has open hands for sponsors who love to take part in helping to achieve their goals. While those with extra-curricular talents can also assist students in the program to perfect and become better in their other discipline apart from education and they include music, football, athletics, etc.

(center)Conclusion Comment by CLASSY T M: Comment by CLASSY T M: Center Conclusion

A community organization may be used to serve the values and aims of particular interest groups, as discussed in the body for the heart of Americans Foundation was able to change the reading environment of many students and also issue millions of them with educational resources like textbooks and other learning materials. it boosted the self-esteem of most of the pupils, and the overall performance was observed to go up after this community organization improved their education facilities. Comment by CLASSY T M: Indent or tab first sentence

How efficient is the community organization, from the discussion in the body of the achievements of the Heart of Americans Foundation and their continuous spirit to achieve eve more success its correct of me to argue that aims and goals of an organization with practical plans .always are satisfactory and worth the efforts of that community. Comment by CLASSY T M: eve should be even Comment by CLASSY T M: not sure what this is supposed to be plans. always?????

I would like to call upon all communities to come together and collect their minds together to embrace community organizations and partnerships. To enable them to develop common goals that will eventually benefit the involved communities. As this will ensure peaceful coexistence and also profitable partnerships between the communities that share a common objective and goal. Community organization also helps curbs down and solves problems of insecurity between communities and helps streamline the leadership sector of the communities as powers will be managed with set goals of the commonwealth. Reference

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Tishchenko, V., & Kurilov, P. (1977). Typical charts for the composite or ganization of labor in working areas. Metallurgist, 21(4), 265-268. Comment by CLASSY T M: Organization should be together

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Packham, C. (1998). Community Auditing as community development. Community Development Journal, 33(3), 249-259.


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